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School Adventure Camp -Indoor and Outdoor

Adventure activities are significant part of the students in school program. These opportunities enhance a child's sense of environmental awareness and self-esteem. Children learn to help each other and build a sense of command ship. Activities contribute to the educational objectives of the school. we setup  School Adventure Camp -Indoor and Outdoor either in School premises or in forest where we can get environment for executing all activities. We setup adventure camps in school or society premises with our professional team and best quality of equipment. Our team includes experts from varied fields - climbers, kayakers, wildlife experts, yoga, Mountaineering, Team Building etc., every one certified & Experienced in their profession. Our activities includes Commando net, Tyre  Crossing, Monkey Crawling, Zip Line, Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Ladder Walk, Ladder Climbing, Free Fall, Tent Pitching, Archery, Team Building  & many more activities. Engagement & Entertainment Our team entertains students by slogans, Activities, team building, motivation in between of activities; it builds knowledge and confidents of students. Briefing & Introduction of Equipments and team   Daily before Activities in morning session we schedule briefing & introduction section in which we show demo of all equipments & ensure students about safety. We brief about equipment strength, where & how to use and terms of adventure & Mountaineering. Benefits of Adventure Activities DISCIPLINE MENTAL FOCUS PATIENCE ATTENTION TO DETAIL CONFIDENCE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY PLAY BY THE RULES SOCIAL SKILLS FUN Indoor Activities (Campus Activities)   We setup Indoor Activities in School Campus on building, Trees, or support of some additional equipment’s as per activities requirement. Indoor activities saves travel time & cost.  2. Zip Line Zip lining is a thrilling adventure activity, it is an individual activity (and there’s nothing like being with your thoughts, gliding through the air with wind rushing past your ears). Zipline will increase your self-esteem. It’s true—there’s a huge sense of accomplishment when venturing into something new and exciting. You’ll feel on top of the world after you’ve gathered enough courage to speed down those mountains. It’s an incredible feeling when you land at the bottom and look up and what you’ve done and where you’ve come from. Zipline is like a huge metaphor for the way you tackle life’s hurdles! 2. Burma Bridge The bridges of the Burma Railway, built by the Japanese during World War II, especially those over the River Kwai (Kwai Bridge). Burma Brige mostly uses for crossing valley or rivers in remote areas. 3.LADDER CLIMBING Ladder Climbing a hanging a ladder in Trees or  on building, students have to climb up to the end point. We equipped every students with harness, helmet and safety rope for avoiding any injury, in case anybody slips from it will be hang there only and he will recover his position again. Ladder Climbing built energy & confidence in Students. 4. COMMANDO NET Climbing commando net is also quite adventurous for decades, commando nets have been used for the purpose of training. It is a favorite activity for Team building and physical fitness and good reflexes. 5. Monkey Crawling 6. Tent Pitching A tent is a makeshift shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over, attached to a frame of poles or supported by a rope. The time required to assemble or pitch a tent may vary depending on the tent size and the experience of the people involved. It makes for a wonderful activity for groups or as a part of Team Building Activities. This is also a very helpful skill to develop for all the adventure enthusiasts, comes in handy while you are in the wilderness. 7. Wall Climbing Portable climbing wall always proves a huge success at any event – its eye-catching, fun and the kids just can’t get enough of it! With four different climbs, up to four individuals can be on the wall at any given time and approximately 50 kids can have a go in the space of an hour. 8. Hipy hop race It’s one of the Fun & Competition activity, we executes it in Group of students. Students do race for win with fun and its necessary to add some fun & competitive with adventure Activities. 9.Hamester Wheel Add some tunnels to your dramatic play area and let the children practice crawling through them, pretending that they are hamsters. You can use the pop out, fabric tunnels or make your own square tunnels, using large boxes with both ends open. Provide several and they can take turns arranging them for each other. 10. Tarzan Swing Its more adventurous spirit activity. It increase courage in Childrens, they fell more courageous after the activity.  

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