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Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek is a spiritual yatra for Devotee and adventurous trek for Trekkers, it is full of attractions like Badrinath Temple and its Hot spring Kund, Mana Village famous for border village and its culture and Tradition, Saraswati River it is visible here only, Vashudhara Water fall one of the Highest waterfall, Laxmivan a Spiritual place with Greenery, Shastradhara - a series of cascading water fall and Satopanth lake - a Glacial Lake in lap of Himalayas. Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek      Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek    Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek starts from Badrinath & Mana, 3 km ahead of Badrinath. Crossing the river Alakananda, we have to trek the regular trekking route to Vasundhara, the trail ascends higher and one sees Vasudhara Falls at a distance on the other bank of Alaknanda River. Then crossing a dangerous glacier, the local name of which is Dhano Glacier, one reaches Laxmivan, 5 km ahead of Vasudhara. The night stay is done at caves or tents, which is very essential on the route. Laxmivan, is 13 km from Badrinath. The next day, if one starts early they can reach Chakratirth 5 km ahead, by crossing the Dhano Glacier, at mid-day. After taking a nap, one should immediately start for Sahastradhara, 3 km ahead. The Satopanth Top from where Kuber Glacier, and Kuber Top is visible, is only 3 km from Sahasradhara. The back face of Mt. Nilkantha is visible from here. From here Satopanth Tal is only a 2 km trek. Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek    Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek   Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek According to myth Satopanth Lake -Swargarohini Trek is follow by Pandavas with their Mother Kunti & Wife Dropadi, thew were searching route for heaven and came here too. they worshiped Lord Vishnu in Badrinath after via Mana Village they started their Journey, Lord Bhim made a bridge on Sarswati river by putting a Huge Stone, after crossing the river they went via Vashudhara which is a attractive water fall in this Route. According to myth only Yudhister(Elder Brothrer among Pandavas) only reach to satopanth peak and succeeded to go heaven rest of all other brothers and Monther Kunti, wife Dropadi died during this yatra on they way in different places.     Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6H6h9zTxNg

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Day 01

Rishikesh - Badrinath -310 km :10 hrs

Rishikesh to Morning after breakfast drive (310km) down to reach Badrinath . Evening free O/N stay at Badrinath.

Day 02

Badrinath - Mana – Laxmiban : 03 km Drive : 07 km Trek : 5-6 Hous.

Reach Mana early in the day. This is the last village within the Indian border. After having your permits checked, proceed with the trek and head in the direction of Vasundhara Falls. In a short while from Mana, you’ll pass Saraswati temple. From here, the gradient of the trail becomes increasingly steep. Continue to walk with the Alaknanda River flowing below you. The valley is incredibly green during monsoon. Around 2-3 hours later, you’ll begin to hear the sound of water plunging down from 400 ft. Soon, Vasundhara Falls will come into sight. This waterfall is known for its scientifically-proven medicinal value. As you leave the falls behind,
tread through the rich birch forests of Laxmiban. The valley opens up into
two as you confront an impressive wall of Balakun in front of you. After
around 4 km of moraine walk, you’ll come across the campsite of Laxmiban on your left.

Day 03

Laxmiban – Chakratirtha : 8.5 km : 06 Hours

Today’s trek is short, but scenic, as you enter the Satopanth Valley. The trail is dotted with green patches in the middle of vast terminal moraine of the Dhano Glacier. Keep your eyes open for few of the most beautiful high altitude alpine flowers here. Catch the first view of the famous three peaks of Bhagirathi from the Satopanth Valley. The weather here can change drastically post noon. Climb up the steep ridge of Sahashradhara to Chakratirtha camping grounds, which is only a kilometre away. From the campsite, bask in the beautiful view of the west face of Mt. Neelkanth.

Day 04

Chakrateeratha to Satopanth Tal - Chakrateertha ( 6km trek ) : 6 Hours

If you thought the previous evening’s views were great, then ready yourself for a jaw-dropping view early in the morning. With the Neelkanth, Satopanth and Parvati peaks on your left, the Chaukhamba peak in the center and the Balakun range on your right, it’s not a sight you’re going to forget soon. Keeping that picture in mind, prepare yourself for a difficult day of trekking. Take the trail that meanders through a maze of boulders and moraine. The sound of avalanches perpetually rumbles throughout the valley. The route is tricky. An able guide can help you find the most suitable route ahead. The last 2 km of the trail have loose soil over glacial moraine. This stretch is also deceptive with a couple of steep
inclines. As you reach the top of the ridge, catch your first view of the triangular lake. There is a small room constructed as a temporary shelter here. A local sage, Mauni Baba, is known to live near the lake. From the lake, the views are spectacular. Towards the left side of Chaukhamba is Satopanth Col. Cross this and one can connect with the icefield of Panpatia and trek all the way till Kedarnath. The five km return trek to Chakratirtha can be done swiftly in a couple of hours. One can also trek down to Laximban
if time permits.

Day 05

Satopanth lake to Lakshmi Van – 13Kms

We start our descent and set up our campsite at Lakshmi van once again. The area is a beautiful meadow full of high altitude flowers and breathtaking views. Draupadi is believed to have left her body here.

Day 06

Lakshmi Van to Badrinath

We trek all the way back to Mana village. Trip ends at Mana village. From Mana, Badrinath is 3kms away and if you prefer, you can get accommodation at Badrinath or head to Joshimath and stay for the night

Day 07

Badrinath to Rishikesh : 10 Hours

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