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Nand devi lok jat 2019 will be start in 23 August from Kurud Village and Nanda jat festival in Bedani will be 5 september.

Annual folk celebration of Mother Nanda is organized every year in the month of  Bhado in  district Chamoli. Nanda Devi, which is being organized in 12 years in many ways, is more broadly expanded than the state. During the yearly folk tour of Nanda in more than 800 villages of Alaknanda, Mandakini, Pindar valley of Janmashtas, there is the joy of the folk festival, and the shouts of Mata Nanda are resonant around. During this time, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the villages, while the married women's also reach their mothers  house to meet Mother Nanda. The annual folklore of Nanda is that after the Tarpan Puja in Badaan Bugyal, following the folklore of Chantoli of Bund Bhoomiyal.

This is the program!

According to the program announced by Shri Nanda Devi Raj Rajeshwari Temple Committee (Nanda Baradhan), this time the folk festival of Raj Rajeshwari Nanda Devi will be held from August 23 to September 13. In which Nanda Dham Kurud  mela will be held from 21st August to 23rd August, after which Raj Rajeshwari's Doli will proceed to Bedani Bugyal

23 August :  Cherabang from Kurud.

24 August    : Cherabang to Ustoli
25 August   : Ustoli to Bhenti
26 August    : Bhenti to Kolpuri
27 August    : Kaulapudi to Ruesaan
28 August    :  Ruesaan to Dungri
29 August    : Dugri to Suna
30 August    : Suna to Chepadon
31 August     : Chepdon to Beradhar
1 september : Beradhar to Faldiagaon
2 september : Faldiagaon to Mundoli
3 september  : Mundoli to Wan
4 september  : Wan to Garoli Patal
5 september : Garoli Patal to  Bedani Bugyal
Where the Vedni Mela will be concluded after the worship of Taranto and Mother Nanda. This time in the Bedni Bugyal, the Roopkund Festival will be held from 3rd to 5th September. After Bedney, Nanda's dolly will reach Bank village at night.
6 september    : Bank Village to Luwani Village
7 september    : Luwani Village to Ulangra Village
8 september    : Ulangara  to Puna Village
9 september    : Purna to Gwaldam
10 september  : Gwalam to Jola
11 september   : Jola  to Bijapur
12 september   : Bijepur to Thala village

13 september   : Thala Village to Devrada Village

Nandha Rajrajeshwari's dolly will be set up for 6 months in the Siddha Peth Deoradara and then in Udariyan, Goddess will depart for her maiden Nanda Dham Kurud.

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